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NBD Nano Introduces RepelShell Additive Solution for Highly Repellent Plastic Surfaces (via Coatings World)

"NBD Nanotechnologies, the surface “wettability” experts, today introduced the first in its line of RepelShell products – an injection-grade additive that makes plastic surfaces highly repellent to water, dirt, mud, and ice. Immediate applications for NBD’s patented RepelShell for Plastics include mud- and water-resistant athletic footwear, anti-stain electronics, self-cleaning non-woven

A Mud-Free Game (excerpt via The Boston Globe)

"Last summer, Tom Brady caused a stir when he was scratched at the last minute from a Patriots preseason game. The reason? Brady was trying to dislodge something from his cleats with a pair of scissors, which slipped and cut the star quarterback’s throwing thumb..." See the original article here

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