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WCX17: A buzz about RepelShell™ for Glass

The Beetle was in MoTown last week, kicking the tires on the newest concepts in the automotive and mobility industries at WCX17: SAE World Congress Experience. (you might remember it by its old name: SAE World Congress).

WCX17 is now a full-sensory event experience! The Beetle spent three days discovering cool new ideas on the exhibit floor, in intimate venues, and in networking events. There was a bounty of technical knowledge and really good content from industry-leading mobility professionals.

We were especially pleased by the buzz about RepelShell™ for Glass.

When we introduced this new product last month, we knew it would be of interest to the industry, which has been seeking a repellent coating that offers excellent water repellant performance combined with extended long-term durability.

Part of what was so fun about WCX17 was the widespread recognition that the advent of autonomous driving is right now. This has sparked a ton of interest in technologies and manufacturing processes that can speed up and accommodate the rapid transition to self-driving cars.

We had a lot of interest in our durable coating solutions. Why? Because self-driving cars rely on obstruction-free sensors and camera surfaces. Because self-driving systems function properly only if the car can see and sense where it’s going, it’s essential that the operating condition of sensors and cameras surfaces remain unobstructed.

So we added to the buzz based on our latest in The Beetle’s line of customized solutions that make surfaces highly repellent to water, oil, dirt, and chemicals for much longer periods of time.
The auto industry has long pursued a hydrophobic glass coating that has the durability to last from 3-5 years. And when they saw NBD Nano’s RepelShell™ for Glass, they knew that search was over.

Thanks for a great event, SAE!