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There’s a spring in our step this week

There’s a lot of buzz going around in the NBD corridors right now…the sound of bees getting a jump on their spring honey-making? Not exactly – more like the hum of lab equipment finalizing a long-awaited project.

Here’s the background: We’re working really hard right now on a new product. It’s a super-omniphobic additive for plastics. This is a huge opportunity for us — manufacturers can add the NBD product in (as a pellet or powder) to their existing processes and create extraordinary hydrophobic and oleophobic properties for plastic, glass, metal, etc. That is to say: super-high repellency for water, dirt, mud, and ice.

Think what this could do for mud-free cleats, water-wicking hiking equipment, anti-stain fibers…We’re expecting really big results!

We’re so excited about it, in fact, that team members are starting to bounce around the room…

What have we got? A few clues to get you thinking. It’s a:

Super omniphobic surface additive for plastics…

Need more? Try this:

NBD has structured it in powder or in pellets…

You get the idea. Point is: we’re really psyched. What exactly are we psyched about?

A nanostructured chemical that is added to plastics in a thermally stable powder or pellet form to create extraordinary hydrophobic and oleophobic properties.

High repellency!!!

More soon (very)!