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The Beetle to auto industry: Your (super-durable!) hydrophobic glass coating has arrived

The Beetle is very excited about NBD’s newest product: RepelShell™ for Glass. This is the latest in the company’s patented line of customized solutions that make surfaces highly repellent to water, oil, dirt, and chemicals for much longer periods of time.

The Beetle is not alone in this excitement. The auto industry shares our zeal when it comes to improving vision systems. Certainly for backup cameras now, but with an eye on the future of autonomous driving. RepelShell™ for Glass is helping to make it a reality.

You see, autonomous cars rely on obstruction-free sensors and camera surfaces. Self-driving systems function properly only if the car can see and sense where it’s going. Make sense? The operating condition of sensors and cameras surfaces must remain unobstructed!

RepelShell ensures unobstructed sensors and cameras by providing a repellent coating that offers excellent water repellant performance combined with extended long-term durability.

The auto industry has long pursued a hydrophobic glass coating that has the durability to last from 3-5 years.

Here you go, auto!

If you’re looking to geek out, here’s some tech specs:

NBD Nano’s RepelShell™ for Glass is a molecular nanocomposite that is applied directly to glass surfaces and makes them more water- and oil-repellent. The core technology behind RepelShell™ is a patented polymer blend formulation that combines fluorinated molecules with surface-active elements that transform glass into an ultra-robust omniphobic surface.

(That doesn’t even include NanoGlueTM — more on that later…)