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The Beetle is first to the prize: fingerprint-free coatings

Do fingerprints on your smart phone, tablet, refrigerator, and faucets drive you nuts? You’re not alone! Indeed, the makers of these products have long sought to achieve that most elusive prize: invisible fingerprints. Or to say it more accurately – to make the visibility of fingerprints on surfaces significantly harder to see.

Let’s be clear: there are anti-fingerprint solutions currently on the market. In fact, chances are you have one on your smart phone right now. These solutions typically come in the form of a coating. They don’t do a very good job at hiding fingerprints; they just make fingerprints easier to wipe off.

Manufactures, spurred by consumer demand, have long quested to find a better solution for fingerprints. Such quests have been fruitless – until now. Re-furl the sails, cease all wanderings. NBD Nano – the Beetle rises! – has taken the chalice.

Today we formally introduced our InvisiPrint™ solution. With this advanced “wettability” solution, manufacturers can successfully meet the long-standing demand for a solution that reduces or eliminates the appearance of fingerprints on products such as electronic displays, kitchen appliances, bathroom faucets, and automotive interiors.

Consumers, rejoice!