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Introducing RepelShellTM Glass Coating, the most durable and high performing omniphobic glass coating on the market


NBD has developed ultra durable hydrophobic glass for automotive and architectural markets. Based on extensive testing comparing market leading technologies, NBD outperforms on both durability and performance. The outstanding durability can be attributed to NBD’s Adhesion Promoting Technology. Most strikingly, our coatings have exceptional performance touting 120 water contact angles and less than 8 degree slide off angles (50uL).

  NBD RepelShellTM Market Leading Competitor
Contact Angle Water/Hexadecane Oil 120/80 110/60
Slide off Angle (Water, 50uL) 6-8 degrees 15 degrees
Solvent Resistance (IPA rub) Delta 1-2 degrees Delta 1-2 degrees
UV resistance (500 hours) Delta 10 degrees Delta 10 degrees
Salt Spray (500 hours) Delta 10 degrees Delta 10 degrees
Taber Test (CS-10, 500g weight, 1500 cycles) Delta 20 degrees Delta 40 degrees
Base Immersion (pH 14, 8 hours) Delta 15 degrees Delta 35 degrees

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