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Similarly to NBD’s Plastics Additives, NBD’s paint additives are ideal for modifying paints and coatings’ surface wettability. Via functionalization of additives for miscibility to the preferred paint, NBD can make paints oleophobic, ice-phobic, anti-fouling or anti-dirt without modifying the underling bulk resin’s properties. Furthermore, their intrinsic nature makes them ideal to solubilizing in organic or aqueous paints and their nanoscale size gives them unprecedented ability to bloom to the surface, polymerize into the polymer backbone, or cross-link into the film. As a result, NBD can work with technology providers and partners to customize our solutions to meet any coating requirements. And since NBD’s materials can be effective at 2% loading levels or less, there is little to no loss in the underlying mechanical or physical properties of the paint. Welcome to the new age of surface wettability.

Potential Applications

Marine Paints

Anti-Icing Paints

Architectural Coatings

Oil & Gas Lubricants

Contact Angle over NBD % Loading Level

NBD Additive in Polyurethane (Ice Adhesion Strength kPA over wt%)

In addition to using NBD’s additive for paints they can be used for the oil and gas industry as wetting agents to lower surface energy and increase lubricity during drilling. These materials are water soluble and available upon request.