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How does The Beetle provide for guests at Happy Hour?

Say it’s 5 o’clock (somewhere), and The Beetle is hosting some friends at his swank NanoPad. Maybe one of his guests requests a shaken martini – vodka, not gin.

What bottle does The Beetle reach for to undertake such mixology?

Think: fog water.

You see, NBD Nano has a grant from the US Department of Agriculture to use our materials to improve fog collection in California. This is a direct biomimic of the Namib Desert Beetle’s ability to capture fog.

So when we were introduced to this Bay Area distillery – which is making vodka out of actual San Francisco fog water!!! – we immediately cleared space on the shelf for a bottle of their finest. Fog Point vodka is right at the confluence of sustainability and local production – two things The Beetle proudly supports. Along with Happy Hour…

Another example of biomimicry paying tribute to Mother Nature!