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WCX17: A buzz about RepelShell™ for Glass

The Beetle was in MoTown last week, kicking the tires on the newest concepts in the automotive and mobility industries at WCX17: SAE World Congress Experience. (you might remember it by its old name: SAE World Congress). WCX17 is now a full-sensory event experience! The Beetle spent three days discovering cool
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Even Elon Musk needs a self-cleaning HEPA filter

One of the touts we made in releasing our latest product – RepelShell™ for Plastic – was that it would provide self-cleaning for the filters in automobiles that provide high-efficiency particulate arrestance (HEPA). Self-cleaning HEPA filters have has been something of a holy grail for automakers, who want to limit
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There’s a spring in our step this week

There’s a lot of buzz going around in the NBD corridors right now…the sound of bees getting a jump on their spring honey-making? Not exactly – more like the hum of lab equipment finalizing a long-awaited project. Here’s the background: We’re working really hard right now on a new product. It’s
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