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The Beetle is first to the prize: fingerprint-free coatings (cont’d)

It’s a wettability tale, really. As in: surface property manipulation. As any coatings expert will tell you, ‘wettability’ reflects the degree of liquid interaction – involving water, oil, dirt, and chemicals – on the surface of products made of glass, metal, plastic, or paint. Manufacturers widely use coatings or additives to enhance or reduce the wettability – i.e., the surface properties – of their products.

Laurels go to the solution that reduces or eliminates the appearance of fingerprints on interior glass, consoles, and touch screens.

Grab your molecular socks, because we’re going specialty chemical on you here: The dominant solutions on the market today combine hydrophobic and oleophobic properties in the form of a coating. These solutions are centered on creating very high water and oil contact angles. This approach makes it much easier to clean fingerprints, but: it’s not very effective at reducing the appearance of fingerprints on a surface.

NBD Nano looked at this issue and took an entirely different approach that renders fingerprints virtually invisible.

Click here to check out the release announcing our patented approach that spreads the oil of a fingerprint – allowing light to pass through undeterred and making fingerprints invisible.

And the Beetle isn’t done here: we have our eye on current and future automotive applications for invisible fingerprint technology, as well as a product demonstration.

Stay tuned!

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